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Available for purchase as PDF PLUS Free online access to the complete book

Available for purchase in PDF format.

Free online access to the complete book

Who is Math & YOU intended for?

Math & YOU is for everyone! Examples, exercises, and projects are all geared to helping students become quantitatively literate. The book provides students with the tools to think for themselves and to ask questions. Math & YOU uses real life data to help students understand the numbers in the world around them.

What is an "easy access social textbook?"

The online version of the book is easily accessible online without the need to login or provide an email address. Students can simply navigate to the website and browse the pages they need. Math & YOU incorporates social learning into its pedagogical approach. Students can comment on a particular example or exercise, share pages of the book on Facebook and Twitter, and access relevant videos, audio content and links on the web.

Why are there so many pictures and illustrations?

Pedagogical research suggests that page layout, use of color, and photographs all contribute to the success of student learning. We used this research to develop an overall approachable, doable, and pleasing look.

Why are there advertisements on the website?

We offer the book online at no charge as a way to save money for students and educators. To cover the cost of production we run a few non-obtrusive advertisements on the website.

What if Math & YOU doesn't fit my curriculum, but I want to integrate a few chapters into my lesson plan?

We make that easy to do by offering individual chapters for purchase in PDF form. You may also use the website to incorporate individual chapters into your lesson plan.

If I teach Math & YOU, what support materials (supplements) do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive instructor guide which includes pacing guides, chapter summaries, teaching suggestions for every example, and solutions for all exercises, quiz questions, chapter review exercises, and Checkpoint questions. We also offer a computerized test bank powered by eInstruction's ExamView® software.

Is Math & YOU a full year course?

Math & YOU is paced to be a full-year course in high school and a one semester course in college.

Why is there a comment section?

The comments provide students with the opportunity to discuss the material in Math & YOU with other students who are using the book. We continually moderate the comments and answer questions about the material, and occasionally the textbooks author will use the comments to interact with students using the book.

Why is there a math help section?

The math help expands upon the mathematics used in the book, and provides additional context and instruction for the material that is covered in the Math & YOU textbook.

What are the checkpoint solutions?

The checkpoint solutions are step-by-step worked-out solutions to the corresponding eCheckpoint exercise in the Math & YOU textbook.

What are the consumer suggestions?

The consumer suggestions are helpful tips and interesting facts that will aid students in their everyday life.

Is Math & YOU compatible with interactive whiteboards?

Yes. It's easy to teach Math & YOU from your interactive whiteboard because the entire program is delivered electronically.

If I use the site, does it collect my data?

Please review our privacy policy for complete details.