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8.4 Expecting the Unexpected

8.4 Expecting the Unexpected
  • Math Help

    In Example 1, note that the repeated multiplication of 1/6 is written in what is called exponential form. This is shorthand notation used by mathematicians to represent repeated multiplication.

    Use the Zee Dice game to help you answer the Checkpoint question.

  • Consumer Suggestion

    Yahtzee is currently owned and marketed by Hasbro, a company that produces many popular board games. Check out Hasbro's website where you can purchase games in their online store, and even play free virtual games.

  • Checkpoint Solution

    Sample answer:

    Using the Zee Dice game, I rolled a YAHTZEE on my 16th try. If you have a 1/22 chance of rolling a YAHTZEE on any roll, the average number of rolls it should take to roll a YAHTZEE is 22. So I rolled a YAHTZEE a little quicker than expected.

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