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Available for purchase as PDF PLUS Free online access to the complete book

Available for purchase in PDF format.

Free online access to the complete book

Book Review

Math & YOU Review

by Thomas Gill

I perused your textbook Math & You and I was thoroughly impressed. Because I am a junior in high school (and am currently taking AP Calculus), your book is more review than new concepts. The content of the book is not what impressed me though, it was the way in which you present the information that caught my attention. The question of "Where am I going to use this in real life?" is ubiquitous in every math class I've been in since about 4th grade. Your text is the first to thoroughly answer the question of application, and answer it in a way that high school students can enjoy. I believe your methodology of teaching is absolutely the best approach I've seen yet, and I hope that kids around the nation enjoy this text as thoroughly as I did.

Thomas Gill
High School Student

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