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Book Review

Math & YOU Review

by Michael Collins

I love Math & You by Ron Larson. I am in amazement at the sheer wealth of data. I've always loved graphs and charts and maps, so I'm happy to see so many. Some of the examples are so extraordinarily different and interesting that I wonder how the author came up with them. For example, the chart showing the various kinds of fighter aircrafts in the US Air Force (believe it or not, this sort of thing really interests me, being a bit of a military history buff), but all kinds of things, really, from diet to depreciation. I like the way it's organized. It flows logically.

I love the examples of fallacious thinking connected to advertisers and politicians. This book needs to be read by more than just college students. Ordinary working people need to read it. I dare say math instructors need to read it.

Although the book asks questions about political philosophy, it doesn't take sides as either "conservative" or "liberal". In this regard, the book is actually revolutionary. No matter what your politics, it covers topics that will force you to use your head. The part on income, taxes, and mortgages is something people really need to know, but usually don't.

I love the recipe for soap. I wonder whether advertisers and politicians even want their audiences to know this stuff. It's a truly outstanding book. I wish Oprah still had her book talk show. This would have made an excellent book for the show.

Michael Collins
Catalogue Librarian (ret.)
Vancouver Public Library
Vancouver, BC

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