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Available for purchase as PDF PLUS Free online access to the complete book

Available for purchase in PDF format.

Free online access to the complete book

Book Review

Math & YOU Review

by Kay G.

Thank you so much for the "Math and You" book! It's amazing and we will share it with some of our kids. It certainly covers all topics. The book should be very helpful to students and will catch on with the teachers! I expect it to be very popular.

The more I read the book, the more I am so impressed with all the topics covered. It gets more exciting the more I read because it's applicable to so much in daily living. Hopefully, some of our grand-kids who struggle with managing finances will want a copy and get educated. We were forced to live frugally because credit cards were not so readily available. We realize how fortunate that was or we could have easily overused them. Our parents didn't give a lot of advice to us about managing our lives, but I will always remember them saying "Learn to live on what you make." That was good advice for us.

Kay G.
Seattle, WA

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