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Available for purchase as PDF PLUS Free online access to the complete book

Available for purchase in PDF format.

Free online access to the complete book

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New Textbook Aims to Stimulate National Interest in Mathematics While Introducing Innovative Distribution Model


Erie, Pennsylvania, May 15, 2011 – Larson Texts, Inc., a company that develops instructional materials which are used by over 5 million students annually, announces "Math & YOU: The Power and Use of Mathematics." "Math & YOU" is a new socially interactive mathematics textbook written by Dr. Ron Larson that aims to invigorate a national interest in learning and understanding mathematical concepts.

"Math & YOU" is the first book in the new andYOU series of textbooks offered by Larson Texts, Inc., which features liberal arts focused books written specifically for the internet. Textbooks in this new series will be free when accessed online. Students also have the option to purchase a PDF digital copy.

Individuals who choose to utilize the online version of "Math & YOU" will have the opportunity to participate in social learning. Users can comment on a particular example or exercise, share pages of the book on Facebook and Twitter, or view video and audio content that is relevant to a lesson.

"Math & YOU" integrates mathematics with lessons about history, science, finance, pop culture and many other topics, to reach out to students who typically struggle to find relevance in learning math. "The unique thing about "Math & YOU" is that unlike the other books I have written, this book doesn't attempt to teach mathematics. Instead, it shows how mathematics can be used by people, companies, and governments to analyze important situations in real life and make decisions," said Dr. Ron Larson, author of "Math & YOU."

The online version of "Math & YOU" will be financed by sponsorships, saving students money and making the book easily available to the general public. "College is getting more expensive at the same time that federal funding for education is being slashed. Students already graduate with enough debt, and if we can save them money on their textbooks that would go a long way," said Larson.

The first chapter of "Math & YOU" is currently available at Subsequent chapters will be posted online during the next few months, and the print versions are expected to debut November 1, 2011.

Teachers who wish to pilot "Math & YOU" in their classroom for the fall of 2011 can contact Jackie Wieczorek at or (800)530-2355 ext. 1116 to receive an early release copy.

Larson Texts, Inc. intends to expand this concept of cross curricular social learning to other subjects, and is currently seeking qualified authors to write the next title in the series. To learn more, go to or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


About Larson Texts, Inc.

Headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, Larson Texts, Inc. creates a wide range of instructional mathematics materials which are used by over 5 million students annually. For over 30 years we have been deeply committed to providing relevant and useful materials to the education community. We employ a sizable staff of experienced writers, graphic designers, editors, computer programmers, desktop publishers, and educational consultants. For more information, check out our website at

About Ron Larson, Ph.D

Dr. Larson is a professor of mathematics at Penn State University in Erie, Pennsylvania where he has taught since receiving his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Colorado in 1970. Dr. Larson is the author of over 200 math textbooks ranging in subject from middle school math through calculus. He has won many awards for his textbooks, and most recently won the 2011 McGuffey Longevity Award for Pre Calculus: Real Math, Real People. Dr. Larson's numerous professional activities keep him in constant touch with the needs of students, teachers, and supervisors.

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