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2.1 Unit Prices

2.1 Unit Prices
  • Math Help

    The first paragraph on page 56 states an important concept: saving a modest amount daily can result in saving a significant amount annually.

    For instance, in Example 5(b), saving only $0.85 per pound on all meat purchases can result in an annual savings of over $600 for a family of four. Remember also that this amount is "after taxes." For many families, this represents a savings of about $1000 in gross income.

  • Consumer Suggestion

    The average household can save over $1000 a year on groceries by using coupons. The top ten categories of redeemed coupons are:

    1. ready to eat cereal
    2. yogurt
    3. refrigerated dough
    4. portable snacks
    5. vegetables
    6. baby products
    7. soup
    8. air, rug, and fabric care
    9. cheese
    10. lunch meats

    Digital coupons accessed online or on mobile devices have seen the greatest growth in the coupon industry. Sites like and allow you to search by zip code, clip, print, and save.

  • Checkpoint Solution

    The annual amount of wheat flour and sugar consumed (per person) is

    For a family of 4, this amounts to

    If the family were able to save $0.67 per pound, the total annual savings would be

    So, the family could save about $540 in a year buying discounted flour and sugar. This, of course, assumes that someone in the family does "home cooking." If the family's consumption of flour and sugar consists primarily of processed food or food at restaurants, then the savings would be far less.

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