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2.1 Unit Prices

2.1 Unit Prices
  • Math Help

    In part (a) of the solution, be sure you notice how unit analysis is used to come up with the answer. Here is what you are given.

    When simplified, this fraction will give a unit price in dollars per pound. However, you want to know the unit price in dollars per gallon. To accomplish this, you can multiply by a conversion factor (a fraction that is equal to 1) that relates pounds and gallons, as follows.

    Be sure you understand how this conversion works. When you master this aspect of unit analysis, you will be amazed at the number of "math windows" that will be opened for you. You will no longer view math as a collection of rules and formulas to be memorized. Instead, you will look at math as the key that will open doors to your future.

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  • Checkpoint Solution
    1. In 2010, a dairy farmer earned about $25 for every 100 pounds of milk produced organically.

      A dairy farmer earned $2.15 per gallon of milk.

    2. The price of a gallon of organic milk was about $ 5.25.

      The dairy farmer received about 41.0% of the grocery store price.

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