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9.3 Describing Dispersion

9.3 Describing Dispersion
  • Math Help

    Here are some observations and examples of bimodal distributions, flat distributions, right-skewed distributions, and left-skewed distributions (shown below).

    Bimodal distributions
    • These can occur when two separate normal distributions are combined.
    • Example: the time of day people go to a restaurant; It would be high around lunch and then again around dinner.
    Flat distributions
    • The frequencies are almost the same. When the frequencies are exactly the same, it is called a uniform distribution.
    • Example: rolling a die; The frequency for each number should be almost the same.
    Right-skewed distributions
    • Named for the direction of the "tail" of the graph. So, a right-skewed distribution has a "tail" to the right.
    • Example: salaries at a company where a few executives have much higher salaries
    Left-skewed distributions
    • Named for the direction of the "tail" of the graph. So, a left-skewed distribution has a "tail" to the left.
    • Example: scores on a test where a few students have low scores

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  • Checkpoint Solution

    Sample answer:

    Because Chutes and Ladders and Cootie tend to take fewer turns to finish than Candyland, those two games should be marketed to a slightly younger age group than Candyland because the younger age group may be less patient and less willing to play a game that takes too many turns.

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