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1.4 Units & Conversions

1.4 Units & Conversions
  • Math Help

    If you need to make frequent conversions between U.S. Customary units and metric units, the quick approximations on page 38 are helpful.

    Quick Approximations: 1 mile equls approximately eight fifths of a kilometer. Fahrenheit are approximately equal to 2 times Celcius + 30. One Gallon is approximately four Liters. 1 Pound is approximately two fifths of a kilogram.

    Here are some examples.

    1. You are visiting Canada. You want to set the thermostat in your hotel room to 70°F. Is setting it to 20°C correct?

      Multiply 20 by 2 to get 40. Then add 30 to get 70.

      So, a temperature of 20°C is approximately 70°F.

    2. You are visiting Canada. You buy 500 grams of hamburger to make five grilled hamburgers. Are you making quarter-pound hamburgers?
      Multiply One Quarter by two to get one half. Divide by five to get one tenth kilograms or 100 grams

      So, a quarter pound is about 100 grams. You are making quarter-pound hamburgers.

  • Consumer Suggestion

    Did you know that most countries use the metric system for measurement? The United States is one of the few that has not adopted the use of the metric system. Use a search engine to search for the phrase "is the metric system easier to use than the customary system."

  • Checkpoint Solution
    1. When gas is 105.9 cents per liter in Canada, it is about

      4 times 105.9 cents per liter = 423.6 cents per gallon

      So, it is about $4.24 per gallon. So, it seems to be more expensive than in the United States.

    2. Of course, to make an exact comparison, you would also need to account for the exchange rate in Canadian and American currencies. During the past 10 years, the Canadian dollar has been as low as $0.62 U.S. and as high as $1.09 U.S.

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