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7.1 Linear Patterns

7.1 Linear Patterns
  • Math Help

    Another way of analyzing the statement in Example 6 is to calculate the proportion

    for the various ages in the chart.

    The ratios are not the same. So, the total height is not a constant multiple of the skull height.

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    Did you know a newborn baby has over 300 bones, but the average adult has 206?

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  • Checkpoint Solution

    The length of the lizard's head appears to be about an eighth of the length of its body. So the ratio of skull length to total length is approximately .

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      _____      ___     ______      ___      ______  
     /  ___||   / _ \\  |      \\   / _ \\   /_   _// 
    | // __    / //\ \\ |  --  //  | / \ ||  `-| |,-  
    | \\_\ || |  ___  |||  --  \\  | \_/ ||    | ||   
     \____//  |_||  |_|||______//   \___//     |_||   
      `---`   `-`   `-` `------`    `---`      `-`'   
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    system user
    Cody (moderator)1 decade ago |
    This page reminds me of an article I recently read about a strange fish with a transparent head. The fish is called a Barrel Eye and you can actually see inside part of the head of the fish.
    Here is a link to the article and pictures:
    system user
    Ron Larson (author)1 decade ago |
    I like the side comment about heroic cartoon figures. I think it is also true that comic villains are portrayed with larger heads. Odd, isn't it?