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3.2 Statements & Negations

3.2 Statements & Negations
  • Math Help

    Here is a nice way to think about the negation of statements that have or or and.

    1. Or Statements: Fido is a member of set A or set B.

    2. And Statements: Spot is a member of set A and of set B.

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  • Checkpoint Solution

    In the game of Clue, there are 3 playing cards in an envelope. One card is a weapon, one is a room, and one is a person. All of the other cards are dealt to the players. If someone guesses that it was "Miss Scarlet with the wrench in the kitchen" and you have one or more of these cards, then you must show the person who guessed one of the cards.

    Original Statement: "The 3 cards in the envelope are Miss Scarlet, the Wrench, and the Kitchen."

    Negation of Statement: "One of the cards, either Miss Scarlet or the Wrench or the Kitchen is in my hand or another player's hand."

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    system user
    Jackie (moderator)1 decade ago |
    Interesting question. It seems to me that cherishing something or someone would include feeling love for that thing or person. Sounds like it would have been a great discussion! :)
    system user
    Guest   1 decade ago |
    What do you think the difference is between love and cherish? I was teaching this section to my high school class and this question came up. Made for great discussion, but the majority - including myself - thought cherishing something implied loving it and vice versa. Help? Thanks! :)
    system user
    Guest   1 decade ago |
    I like the Checkpoint about the game of Clue.
    system user
    Ron Larson (author)1 decade ago |
    Even though Example 5 is straightforward, I find it very helpful. It makes it so clear that the negative of the vow can occur in 3 different ways.
    • Continue to love, but cease to cherish.
    • Continue to cherish, but cease to love.
    • Cease loving and cherishing.
    This is one of the things I like about mathematics and logic. For me, there is a comfort in being able to analyze something, write it down, and realize "I really do understand this particular concept."